Certification is a formal process of assessment of a management system to verify compliance to the International standards.

Why accredited certification is essential

Accreditation of certification bodies is quite essential in the current global trade scene. Accreditation infuses confidence among the clients. It also confirms that International standards that a company is bestowed with in order to repose faith among buyers and suppliers dealing across the continents.

Expectation of Global trading community

Certification plays a vital role in the global trade. This process answers many important areas and offers guidelines that are very valuable for the buyers as well as sellers. Certification bodies are in fact the best watchdogs that build confidence through their fair and neutral audit and elevate the clients to global standards by incorporating various quality factors and management principles. Off late certification has become mandatory in advanced and developing nations. This also falls in line with the EU directives and WTO technical barriers to Trade agreement WTOTBT.

This factor once again demonstrates the vital contribution or act that is played by the certification bodies.

Certification and its advantages

The requirement of certification has its own advantages that are highly essential for international trade. Certification enhances and assures quality standards in terms of quality for the buyer and supplier. For the manufacturer the Quality standards are improved on par with the global standards, thereby increasing the efficiency and the profits of the company. Certification can be also obtained for implementing quality management systems, in addition to addressing other issues such as legal requirements pertaining to areas covering environmental and health and safety.

AIAC accredited certification helps the companies to maximize production capacity, increases the profit ratio, builds confidence among traders, brings in more customers etc.

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