Accreditation is the process in which an accreditation body is endowed with business ethics, utmost integrity, unconditional credibility, and maintaining absolute neutrality is given to the responsibility and authority to undertake certification and assessment of a firm in the most appropriate manner.

Globalization process has brought great changes in the way trade is done in between the buyer and the seller. It has cut across boundaries and simplified the process by incorporating certain new process such as third-party. These third party auditors take the role of responsible advisors by assisting the buyer and the seller through the process of certification that is neutral and fair.

These third party assessment and certification is most preferred by the majority of the suppliers around the world. Reputed third party certification bodies are globally recognized, since they build faith and mutual understanding among the International Traders.

We at AIAC take utmost precaution to execute our accreditation process without any bias and free from any external influence such as individuals, companies and the state. This underscores to build confidence among clients.

Accreditation is defined by International standards of organization as “ third party attestation” related to a conformity assessment conveying formal demonstration of its competence to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks (ISO / IEC 17021)

Why accredited evaluation is essential

Certification bodies that have passed accreditation by AIAC are thoroughly checked for their competence, neutrality and capability to deliver the expected service on par with global standards.

Business with mutual trust

AIAC ensures that there is ample trust and confidence to do the International trading among buyers and suppliers, to Infuse the above they offer accreditation by independently evaluating the certifying bodies.

The value of accreditation in the world trade

The process of accreditation aims at paving way for smooth trade overcoming the various impediments. Accreditation ensures the buyers to buy with confidence from suppliers across the seas. This is due to the fact that certifying agencies verify, inspect and certify the quality of goods that are to be transshipped to the prospective buyer. An accreditation body like AIAC adopts and follows important objectives that are laid down by EU directives and the world trade organization technical business to trade (WTOTBT)
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