About AIAC

The Accreditation International association for certifying bodies (AIAC) is a versatile accreditation organization offering exemplary service that matches the requirements of the certifier and the certified. We follow strict guidelines with our systems and adapt conditions and vital regulations that on par with the world standards in accreditation process.

Our Mission

To provide the best accreditation services that surpasses the world class expectations. We also look forward to work in unison along with likeminded accreditators. Following a definite standard worldwide would pave way for the battlement of trade and commerce among the nations around the globe.

About us

AIAC is an independent organization engaged in offering accreditation and assessment services to certification bodies and training organizations. AIAC aims at working close co-ordination with our similar accreditation bodies that offers planning, implementation and certification for ISO standards. This leads to better recognition of International standards around the world. Following global quality standards in turn helps to foster better trade relations among business community all over the world for mutual benefit.

Quality Policy

The AIAC Accreditation Bureau
  1. Is committed to being a value-added, competent, and cost-effective service provider of accreditation of conformity assessment services to nationwide as well as international criteria with the highest ethics and in a well-timed manner.
  2. Will advance the trustworthiness of accreditation by maintaining communal recognition agreements which progress worldwide acceptance associated with conformity assessment.
  3. Will offer its customers the very best accreditation and assessment services feasible while assisting its customers and other interested parties focus on achieving and providing value.
  4. Will offer its employees the satisfying work environment that motivates teamwork and higher effectiveness.

Quality Objectives

The AIAC Accreditation Bureau conforms its quality policy is fulfilled by:
  • Continually enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Establishing metrics to enhance service to customers and functional performance.
  • Sustaining thorough, independent, unbiased, and clear processes.
  • Preparing and developing new programs and services which help our customers be responsive to market demands.
  • Making certain effective and timely communication to customers and other interested parties.
  • Signing appropriate mutual recognition arrangements.
  • Partnering and offering ideal leadership in national, international, and industry forums.
  • Providing efficient strategic, functional, and monetary stewardship to establish the health of the organization.
The Governing Board


AIAC’s Articles of Association need the Directors to set up an advisory committee: "the objective of which will be to ensure that the Directors are aware of the views of interested parties on policy issues affecting AIAC's activities, including the interpretation and application of national, European and International Standards, regulations, methods, polices, practices and agreements relevant to accreditation bodies and conformity assessment bodies."

AIAC (E) management at a conference agreed that members of the committee should be selected by parties who have a direct interest in AIAC's activities. They additionally stated that the members of the committee ought to articulate the views of the party which nominated them and that attainment of consensus should not be at the expense of registering the sights of nominating parties. Terms of Reference

The Policy Advisory Committee is required:
  • To advise the Company directors on all policy issues concerned with the development and operations of AIAC activities
  • To converse to AIAC the views of the AIAC stakeholder interest. If considered desirable by the Committee, such reporting may be through the attendance of the Committee Chairman at a AIAC Board meeting
  • To raise issues for the consideration of the AIAC management
  • To react to the requirements of the administration of AIAC for advice on particular concerns, including the identification, analysis and documentation of relationships between AIAC and any related body in compliance with ISO/IEC 17011

The Policy Advisory Committee shall be constituted through the selected associates with an interest in the operation of AIAC: The directors of AIAC will be former mate Associates of the Committee. The management of AIAC shall have the possibility to approve the constitution and individual membership of the Committee. Major component organization agencies will be asked for to reaffirm their manifestation every two years.

From the invitation of the Policy Advisory Committee Chairman, additional AIAC personnel may show up at meetings conferences of the Policy Advisory Committee. Upon such this kind of situations, the organization to AIAC of such participants should be clearly mentioned in the minutes.
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